Blinky Goes Up

Blinky Goes Up is a platform game for the ATARI 2600 video computer system, featuring six vertically smooth scrolling levels and superbly animated characters.

Here is a little video - me playing the first two levels.

The entire game is only 4K in size - that's roughly about 30 tweets of text! Speaking of Twitter... you can follow me at @lov3machine if you like (don't worry I don't tweet that often), or on Instagram (@lov3machine)

You can buy a cartridge version of Blinky Goes Up at the AtariAge Store and play it with an original ATARI 2600 video computer system.

Even if you don't consider to buy the game, feel free to visit the AtariAge Store and take a look at the artwork or write a nice review ;-)

You can download the NTSC or the PAL ROM image and play it with your favourite emulator.

Or download this ROM-Hack that I plumbered together once 😉

Btw, here is the sourcecode in case you're interested...

Gamescom 2012

Blinky Goes Up was officially released at the Gamescom 2012 in Cologne. The release as well as the exhibition of the game on an original VCS console was made possible by the kind support of the nice people of Haus der Computerspiele.
Thank you so much guys!

This is me during an interview on the retrogaming stage (I'm the guy on the left).

Some dudes playing the third level of Blinky Goes Up

In the media

If you like to comment or discuss about Blinky Goes Up feel free to do so on this AtariAge thread.

Gameswelt.TV report featuring a short interview with me at 32:33.